Obby Colors: Paint Or Die APK

Obby Colors: Paint Or Die

1.0.7 for Android


In the thrilling and addictive app, Obby Colors: Paint or Die, players must put their puzzle-solving skills to the test as they navigate through a massive maze. The goal? Collecting all the vibrant colors that are scattered throughout the map. But here's the catch – there's a menacing creature on the loose, hot on the heels of every gamer. Fortunately, you can temporarily escape its clutches by blending into the walls that match your chosen color. However, beware of those moments when you're colorless and must complete quests without the safety of camouflage. Can you outsmart the monster and conquer the maze? Play now to find out!

Features of Obby Colors: Paint Or Die:

❤️ Unique gameplay: It offers a distinctive gameplay experience where players must collect colors by solving puzzles while also evading a pursuing creature in a challenging maze.

❤️ Hide-and-seek mechanic: The app introduces an exciting twist by allowing users to hide from the creature by standing against walls of their corresponding color, creating suspenseful moments and strategic gameplay.

❤️ Varied challenges: With the ability to hide limited to the color the player possesses, Obby Colors presents quests where players must find alternative strategies to complete tasks without the safety of camouflage, providing a diverse range of challenges.

❤️ Win by finding all the colors: To emerge victorious, users must search and uncover all the different colors scattered throughout the maze, adding a thrilling objective to the game and encouraging exploration.

❤️ Engaging escape mechanic: Players must navigate through the intricate maze while skillfully evading the relentless monster chasing them, fostering a sense of urgency and excitement throughout the gameplay.

❤️ Simple gameplay mechanics: Obby Colors is easy to play, requiring players to stand against walls of their color to stay alive, discover all colors to win, and successfully make their way through the maze, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.


Obby Colors is an addictive and immersive app that combines strategic hiding gameplay, challenging puzzles, and intense escape mechanics. With its unique features, diverse challenges, and simplicity, this app promises to provide users with an exciting and captivating experience. Click now to download and embark on your colorful adventure!


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