Kitsune Endless AFK: RPG Idle APK

Kitsune Endless AFK: RPG Idle

0.5.2 for Android


Welcome to a world where RPG meets idle gaming in the first-ever Kitsune Endless AFK: RPG Idle! This isn't your average cute RPG, it's a game that combines the best of both worlds. As you step into this enchanting anime realm, you'll embark on an idle battle against various enemies, wielding your trusty idle sword. But this game goes beyond the typical dungeon crawling experience - it incorporates strategic elements and endless AFK fun. Your Kitsune avatar becomes the embodiment of RPG action, taking on dungeon bosses while collecting countless power-ups. With stunning visuals and immersive gameplay, this cute RPG is a must-play for fans of AFK games.

Features of Kitsune Endless AFK: RPG Idle:

❤️ Endless AFK Elements: This app offers a unique twist on RPG games by incorporating idle gameplay mechanics, allowing players to continue progressing even when they are not actively playing.

❤️ Dungeon Boss Battles: Players can embark on exciting battles against dungeon bosses, similar to a dungeons and dragons game. By utilizing their idle sword, they can showcase their strength and wit as a true RPG AFK hero.

❤️ Countless Power-Ups: The game is filled with numerous power-ups and action RPG elements, providing endless opportunities for AFK fun. Players can continuously upgrade their Kitsune avatar and enhance their abilities.

❤️ Immersive 3D Experience: The app provides a truly immersive 3D game experience, transporting players into the captivating world of Kitsune-themed games. The anime aesthetic and charming characters set it apart from other AFK RPG games.

❤️ Anticipation and Satisfaction: The game offers a sense of anticipation as players progress through levels and face off against challenging dungeon bosses. The satisfaction of earning AFK rewards adds to the thrill and enjoyment.

❤️ Ultimate RPG AFK Adventure: This app combines the excitement and appeal of cute RPG games with the immersive adventure of traditional sword games. Players can experience the joy of an idle RPG and dive into a captivating RPG AFK game.


Discover the endless adventure and excitement of Kitsune Endless AFK: RPG Idle game. With its captivating Kitsune-themed world, thrilling dungeon boss battles, and countless power-ups, this app offers a truly immersive and enjoyable experience for fans of RPG and AFK games. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the idle power and be a part of this enchanting RPG AFK journey. Click to download now and embark on your ultimate adventure!


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    Was a fun little game to waste time. But as soon as i get to the very hard stages, it stops. Character will not progress, dungeons do not rest they stay at 0. No clue starts going on.
    2024-06-05 06:02:00
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    This is a update from my last review, dropping it down a star because of the same issues of blank quest screen, gem and gold screens, now after the August 4 update I no longer see a green arrow indicating I can do something. When a update comes out should it not CORRECT AND IMPROVE ON A PREVIOUS BUILD?? Well this update did none of that just made it worse. I don't think I will be trying this a third time
    2024-06-03 09:29:11
  • avatar
    Loads to 25% and stops
    2024-06-02 16:38:44
  • avatar
    They want $20 to remove ads
    2024-06-02 06:54:47