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Idle Office Tycoon

2.5.1 for Android


Embark on a thrilling journey from rags to riches in Idle Office Tycoon! This addictive idle game allows you to fulfill your wildest dreams of becoming a successful business tycoon. With its simple yet captivating gameplay, you can effortlessly manage your very own office buildings. But don't be fooled by its ease - this game requires strategic thinking and careful decision-making. Customize your lifestyle by selecting partners, cars, and houses that reflect your taste and style. Invite various companies to your building and watch your empire grow. Upgrade facilities, train employees, and become the ultimate tycoon in this realistic business management simulation. It's time to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and conquer the world of property!

Features of Idle Office Tycoon:

> Idle and clicker gameplay: This app offers a casual and relaxing gaming experience that can be enjoyed with just a simple tap.

> Real business management simulation: It provides a realistic simulation of managing office buildings, requiring strategic thinking and decision-making.

> Customize your lifestyle: Players can choose their partners, cars, and houses, giving them the freedom to create their dream life within the game.

> Introduce various companies to your building: Users can attract different companies to their office building, adding depth to the gameplay and allowing them to explore various business opportunities.

> Upgrade facilities and decorations: By investing in upgrades, players can improve their office building, making it more attractive to potential tenants and increasing their chances of success.

> Train your employees: As a tycoon, users can train their employees to enhance their skills and productivity, helping them climb the ladder of success faster.


Unleash your inner business mogul with Idle Office Tycoon! This app offers a unique combination of idle and clicker gameplay, allowing you to relax while strategically managing your own office buildings. Customize your virtual lifestyle, attract various companies, and upgrade your facilities to become the ultimate tycoon. Don't miss this opportunity to fulfill your world-famous property tycoon dream - download Idle Office Tycoon now and start building your empire!


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  • avatar
    The game is addictive. But something is going wrong with the ads. The game is not continuing after watching the add, and the screen stays black forever until closing the game.
    2024-06-04 10:12:44
  • avatar
    Why do I need to buy no ads upon reset! Terrible gaming experience!! My son accidentally reset my game and I lost all my purchases! You can't just make money off users and make them pay each time game gets reset! Also when I purchased an employee why do they not appear straight away upon purchase?? Can you please fix these problems let gamers keep their purchases and provide for what they purchased for asap! Don't always ask for money especially on reset. It makes the gaming experience bad!
    2024-06-04 02:18:26
  • avatar
    Nice game, but please add the option to upgrade wall posters, with money or by watching ads, It's very difficult to get diamonds it's almost impossible. Please fix it, and I didn't understand what is the use of buying property and a car where there is no use of It. Ads are annoying, I don't know why employees are running like a thief after office
    2024-06-03 11:31:37
  • avatar
    Love this game. This games really teaches a person how to run multiple businesses, and there's so many things I'm learn here. Continue to make it more interesting It would be nice if were able to play on landscape view though
    2024-06-03 01:44:16
  • avatar
    I like that that is no pop up ads. Two things that I would change. 1) do you really have to go through the stars page at the bottom right to get credit for doing something? It should just automatically get you stars for doing something that is on the star page. 2)It shows that someone is unhappy but why?
    2024-06-03 00:31:23
  • avatar
    I lost my account (level 299) which is link my gmail. App is working properly that's why i uninstall the app and install again then it open 101 level. And again I restart the app it starts level 1 Very bad support You play the game 10-12 days increase your levels and then app not working properly. If you uninstall the app and install again , then you lost your account. Your 10-12 days efforts lost.... 1 more thing there is no login setup. App start automatically login This is the very bad
    2024-06-02 17:48:56