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Game of Words: Word Puzzles

1.9.61 for Android


Get ready to train your brain with Game of Words, the ultimate word puzzle game that will keep you hooked for hours. With over 9000 levels of brain-teasing word games, this app is perfect for adults and younger players alike who are looking to improve their vocabulary or simply unwind after a long day. The game starts off easy with simple word scrambles, but as you progress, you'll find yourself facing challenging puzzles filled with 8-letter words. And if that's not enough, Game of Words also features grammar mini-games to put your English skills to the test. Earn rewards, upgrade your home, explore breathtaking landscapes, and even meet your own pets as you conquer each level. Whether you want to play at your own pace or beat the game, the choice is yours. So swipe those letters, hunt for words, and embark on this addictive word puzzle adventure now!

Features of Game of Words: Word Puzzles:

⭐️ Addictive word puzzle game: Train your brain with a combination of word search and word scramble twist.

⭐️ 9000+ levels: Offers a wide range of word games for both adults and younger players, providing ample brain training and vocabulary improvement opportunities.

⭐️ Relaxing and challenging puzzles: Put your spelling and grammar abilities to the test, starting from simple word scrambles and progressing to more complex 8-letter word puzzles.

⭐️ Grammar mini-games: In addition to word puzzles, the app also includes grammar challenges to enhance your English skills.

⭐️ Earn and upgrade: Progress through the game to earn rewards, build and improve your virtual home, explore relaxing landscapes, and even meet your own pets.

⭐️ Simple gameplay: Swipe letters from the word scramble to find words and complete levels, providing a fun and engaging challenge for the brain.


Game of Words is the perfect choice for word game enthusiasts seeking an addictive puzzle experience. With its extensive level variety, relaxing yet challenging gameplay, and the opportunity to earn rewards and upgrades, this app offers a complete package for both casual players and those looking to improve their vocabulary and English skills. Join the millions of players already enjoying this captivating word puzzle game and start your own word hunt now. Click to download and embark on a brain-training adventure!


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    I've been playing this game for a while now and it's very addictive. I don't know if I have an old version or something because I have to use my money for hints and everything, my sister downloaded the game a little while ago but her game has jewels that she collects to spend of hints etc but I don't have this option, can it be fixed? I wouldve given 5 stars if I didn't have this issue with the game!
    2024-06-05 12:15:24
  • avatar
    I was forced to uninstall this game sometime ago because my phone had problems & so I had to delete a lot things. I was so hurt when I couldn't find it anymore, I downloaded one word game after another but I couldn't find one I enjoyed like this. I love this game so much, it is so much fun. I love the pets, the spinning wheel & all that. well done , big ups to the game.....I was so happy when I finally found it a few days ago
    2024-06-04 10:55:44
  • avatar
    DONT WASTE YOUR TIME! I made several purchases on this game I didn't complain the first time I lost all my game play when I got a new phone. However I have epilepsy so the ads mess with me when I purchased the no ads plus pack I didn't receive it and they aren't going to refund my money. I will never play one of your games again.
    2024-06-04 04:38:54
  • avatar
    I love this game, however I don't understand the concept of the pig.(new) it only collects 10 at a time (everytime) then what? Thanks for the answer regarding the pig. However, I won't be purchasing the full pig. Besides, it never , ever indicates it's full. I'm wondering if it could be removed,(?) as it is purely a useless annoyance.
    2024-06-03 17:59:59
  • avatar
    Although I really liked this game building the house seemed to get cluttered!!!.The hints seemed to get more costly!! I am trying to find a game that onced you've decorated a room it's not cluttered and you don't have to put earned coins in a bank that you have to buy!!! Deleting I tried this game again, now in order to play, you have to join a team, I'm a loner, I don't like to made to join a team!!!5/02/24 I'm the one that doesn't like piggybanks-deleting!!!
    2024-06-03 10:38:28
  • avatar
    I love this game so much that i had to convinced my husband to download this game so we can both compete against each other but not anymore. This game has so many flaws. 1. We connect to Facebook and use internet just for hint and not to complete with others players. 2. No where on the game to speak to the admins or customer service. 3. No weekly event or mini games to keep the game interesting. 4. My personal problem with the game, is for over a month now i don't get the festival anymore.
    2024-06-02 19:04:59