Be the Judge: Court Justice APK

Be the Judge: Court Justice

1.9.1 for Android


Be the Judge: Court Justice is an exciting and mind-bending app that puts you in the role of a judge. In this game, you will have the power to determine the fates of suspects and crack the mysteries behind various crimes. As a detective, you will search for evidence, find out who is guilty and innocent, and shed light on the truth. With original scenarios and challenging brain puzzles, this app will test your intelligence, common sense, and ethical approach. Can you handle the responsibility of being a judge? Play Be the Judge and find out!

Features of Be the Judge: Court Justice:

- Original Scenarios: Each level presents hilarious and dramatic cases that require users to uncover the truth behind the scenes.

- Test Your Brain Power: Find clues, solve riddles, and crack mysteries to uncover the truth.

- Improve Yourself: Develop empathy, common sense, and ethical thinking skills through gameplay.

- Relax and Enjoy: A great time-killer game that provides endless enjoyment.

- Tricky and Mindblowing Brain Teasers: Challenge your imagination and logic skills with difficult puzzles.

- Easy to Play: Suitable for all users, with brain teasers and puzzles designed for adults.


Be the Judge: Court Justice is the ultimate brain game that will blow your mind. With its original scenarios, it challenges your brain power while allowing you to improve yourself. Whether you want to relax and enjoy or take on tricky brain teasers, this game has it all. Download Be the Judge: Court Justice now and become the ultimate riddle master.


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    As everyone stated there are too many ads but one more thing is the worst build of the app. Even though I watched so many ads I had the patience to clear the levers till 16 but it doesn't allow me to go to next level at all. I don't know how come they developed this app without any instructions or level wise rating with stars. Such a worst experience, want to give negative rating but least is one star only.
    2024-03-25 17:29:18
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    The amount of ads is ridiculous. There's one before title screen is done loading. Levels are only a couple seconds long and somehow they manage to have an ad in the middle of the levels And in between them as well. I understand most free games have ads but it is excessive.
    2024-03-25 02:36:52
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    Downloaded the game and within the first level. There was a thirty 30 second ad, did the second level and 30 second ad, did the third level and 30 second add. Way too many ads as you can barely play the game. Wast of time downloading and Uninstalled after playing the third level after not having it for two minutes as it's a joke
    2024-03-24 12:11:38
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    I found this game quite pointless and unrewarding, despite the constant add spam (which you can disable with ads), the levels are impossible to lose even if you give the worst possible answers you just go to the next level with no star grade or anything. Furthermore after completing about 20 levels no prizes or new mechanics are awarde/introduce. I don't recommend this game
    2024-03-23 23:54:13
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    so many advertisements
    2024-03-23 22:10:24
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    The game is quite cool, but too many ads, you can't even start to emersed in the game since the ads keep on poping...i understand that free game need ads but one 30 seconds ads for every button press is just so stupid...its like forcing you to pay and no for the price, this game is not good enough for the price tag plus with the dev irritatingly seemingly forcingly act to force people to pay for the game its even more reason to not buy good experience no money deserved...simple..
    2024-03-22 20:38:14