Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna APK

Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna

1.1.29 for Android


Embark on an enchanting journey with Luna, the brave little knight, in Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna. This captivating clicker RPG will immerse you in a world of dreamy illustrations and mysterious voices. As Luna awakens in the Slime Forest, she learns that her friends have been captured by the nefarious Dark Lord As! With her trusty sword in hand, Luna must venture forth to save her companions, one by one. Strengthen your expedition and face the Dark Lord's challenges in the Nightmare Castle, Constellation Lake, and Bloodwind Canyon. Join Luna in her quest to bring light back to the Stonia Continent and become her trusted companion on thrilling new adventures.

Features of Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna:

- Enchanting clicker RPG: Immerse yourself in a magical world with captivating gameplay.

- Dreamy illustrations: Enjoy stunning visuals that bring the fantasy world to life.

- Save your friends: Help Luna rescue her friends from the clutches of the Dark Lord As.

- Strengthen your expedition: Gather a team of 30 colleagues to embark on epic quests.

- Customize Luna's appearance: As Luna grows stronger, watch her transform into a formidable warrior.

- Engaging challenges: Conquer the Nightmare Castle, Constellation Lake, Tower of Trials, and compete against other players in the Bloodwind Canyon.


Join Luna, the little knight, in her quest to defeat the Dark Lord and save her friends in Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna. Dive into a magical adventure filled with enchanting gameplay and stunning illustrations. Strengthen your expedition, customize Luna's appearance, and face thrilling challenges in unique locations. Will you be the one to bring light back to the Stonia Continent? Click to download and join Luna's new adventures now.


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    People need to realize that depth doesn't mean 4000 things to click to gain 3 ATK. There is so much of everything that I'm having a seizure before I can even play. One extra star for having the option to remove all ads forever at a reasonable cost.
    2024-06-06 01:22:15
  • avatar
    Fun, but also very pay to win. Heavily censored chat, so if you talk about how it is p2w in chat, your messages may be deleted without warning. (Basically, you can pay to progress faster, which snowballs via rank rewards.) Top ranks are basically filling up with pay players. Even the ad removal gives a minor, but noticeable one boost (one time boost, but with snowball effect).
    2024-06-05 20:03:11
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    As far as a clicker game goes, it's a basic "tap you attack" and gacha for items and reborn for more gains. Nothing stands out and I have already uninstalled after trying it out for 2 days. The art is quaint but this gameplay looop has already been done many times. Nothing new to the table
    2024-06-05 19:48:45
  • avatar
    it's ok for an idle game, more focused on adventuring. there's a bug with relics. if u watch the ad to reset the pick you will lose it AND the game treat it as collected so the increased cost remain. pls fix and recompensate pls.
    2024-06-05 05:05:32
  • avatar
    The art is great, but the game is incredibly easy and offers absolutely no challenge. There are a large number of ways to inflict greater damage on the enemies than you would usually that are completely useless. Even if the game gets harder after that, it makes no effort to explain that and is therefore, not worth the effort in my opinion.
    2024-06-05 00:27:38
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    After the update the game keeps freezing and crashing. I can't even play. Hours later and it's still not fixed. I seem to be the only one with this issue. I've reinstalled it several times. Keeps telling my my connection isn't secure. After all these updates and yall can't do this one properly...
    2024-06-04 12:43:43