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Introducing Our Outcast Friend Game! Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey that includes various Arabic dialects? This game allows you to gather your loved ones and choose from a wide range of topics such as animals, clothes, foods, and even Islamic groups like messengers and companions. But beware! There might be some tricky questions waiting for you. If you're not familiar with the topic, try to decipher clues from the words given and convince others to vote for your answer. With free categories like animals, fruits, and electrical appliances, plus additional categories available for purchase, the fun never ends. Suitable for everyone, this game is a must-try for game enthusiasts and friends alike.

Features of Our Outcast Friend:

> Contains Arabic dialects, including Egyptian, Saudi, and Syrian.

> Provides a variety of topics to choose from, such as animals, clothes, foods, and Islamic groups.

> Includes a mix of easy and challenging questions to keep participants engaged.

> Offers multiple ways to play, including with friends or family.

> Includes a wide range of categories, such as animals, fruits, electrical appliances, prophets, and more.

> Allows users to purchase additional categories for an enhanced gaming experience.


Experience the thrill of Our Outcast Friend and explore the world of Arabic dialects through a range of exciting topics. Gather your friends or family and choose from a variety of categories that contain numerous elements like animals, fruits, and electrical appliances. Play with caution as you tackle challenging questions and uncover hidden topics. And for an even more enriching experience, unlock additional categories such as clothing, sports, beverages, and more. Don't miss out! Download the app now and embark on a fun and educational gaming journey.


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