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Last War Shelter Heroes

2.07.394 for Android


Step into the heart of a gripping armed conflict with Last War Shelter Heroes! As the commander, your troops are holed up in a besieged shelter, facing relentless enemy attacks. To succeed, you must not only repair and fortify the bunker, but also undertake crucial missions throughout the war-torn territory. Touch each element in the shelter to upgrade and mend, using the coins and gold you earn from victorious battles. Equip your soldiers with top-notch weapons and uniforms, strategizing to build an unstoppable squad that can crush any enemy wave. Only the most skillful and prepared will emerge victorious in this battle for peace.

Features of Last War Shelter Heroes:

⭐️ Engaging gameplay: Last War Shelter Heroes puts you in the middle of an important armed conflict, where your troops are hiding in a shelter being attacked by enemies. You must repair the bunker and complete missions to progress.

⭐️ Interactive touch controls: To level up or repair different elements in the shelter, simply touch them. This intuitive feature makes it easy for users to navigate and play the game.

⭐️ Earn coins and gold: In order to improve the conditions of the shelter, you need to earn coins and gold. These can only be obtained by winning battles against your enemies, motivating users to strategize and fight.

⭐️ Prepare your soldiers: While the combats are carried out automatically, you have the ability to prepare your soldiers for battle. Equip them with weapons, uniforms, and other elements from the main menu to create a powerful squadron.

⭐️ Face challenging enemies: Move around the map to critical areas where your enemies are advancing. Overcome waves of enemies by creating good strategies and equipping your soldiers with the best technical elements.

⭐️ Bring peace to a chaotic land: Last War Shelter Heroes allows you to take part in a war where only one side can come out victorious. Use your strategic skills to gain ground on your rival and restore peace to the land consumed by chaos.


Last War Shelter Heroes is an exciting and immersive strategy game that offers engaging gameplay and intuitive touch controls. With the ability to earn coins and gold, prepare your soldiers, and face challenging enemies, this game provides a thrilling experience. Join the battle, create good strategies, and bring peace to a land consumed by chaos. Click to download and unleash your strategic skills now.


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    The Army's are week and bad so it's hard
    2024-03-24 18:12:41
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    Ooop game wansasties mind bloing game reali like this game and real world series and SISTER easy to play survival mode and author and a mountain realy like this game
    2024-03-24 15:22:51
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    watching ads simulator, you buy vip just for extra reward when watching ads
    2024-03-24 09:11:38
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    Please add edit button to fix base layout plus game freeze
    2024-03-24 08:42:54
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    I love this game but thre are some bugs plz fix them
    2024-03-24 06:47:29
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    5 for now. Downloading it now. Will update my more accurate rating in a few days. Good luck game maker
    2024-03-22 23:43:19