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Join the ultimate game of strategy and luck with Ludo STAR! This addictive app allows you to play the classic game of Ludo with your friends and family. Choose from four vibrant colors and challenge your friends to see who will become the Ludo champion. With various game modes and rules to choose from, including Classic, Master, and Quick, there's never a dull moment. Connect with friends on Facebook, send emojis and gifts, and even team up with other players. Collect amazing dice designs and earn gold and gems through daily rewards. Download Ludo STAR now and experience the thrill of this timeless game!

Features of Ludo STAR:

> Play with friends and family: Ludo STAR allows you to connect with your loved ones and play the game together, creating moments of fun and laughter.

> Multiple player options: You can either play with your Facebook friends or get matched with random players for thrilling 2 or 4 player matches.

> Varied game modes: Enjoy different variations of Ludo, including Classic, Master, or Quick, adding a new level of excitement to the gameplay.

> Team Up feature: Pair up with other players and strategize your moves to outsmart your opponents as a team.

> Customize your rules: Play the game according to your preferred rules, such as doubling of pieces or killing one before entering the home, making each game unique and challenging.

> Interactive experience: Engage with other players through chat, emojis, and gifts, making the gaming experience more immersive and enjoyable.

In conclusion, Ludo STAR provides a captivating and social gaming experience for players of all ages. With its various player options, game modes, and customization features, this app offers endless entertainment and opportunities to connect with friends and family. Download now and join millions of players in this royal game of Kings and Queens since >


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    Totally biasness from the ludo team! 3 of the update version arrives and my version still not updatibg even i update it every time and its not only me who is getting tired to game due to this biasness but many other user as well. I dont know when we will get update features... And 2ndly there is also no "whatch ad win point " option in my game but other players have so it makes me almost impsbl to pass the event.. So llz and kindly fix ur game bfr the players starts getting hopeless by this.
    2024-06-07 05:54:56
  • avatar
    Worst game. There algo will not let you win, you almost 99% lost the game when you started the game. If you play safe they will let you lose in the end. Opponents gets 6's on every move in blitz and arrow.
    2024-06-06 14:27:12
  • avatar
    Definitely rigged, if the game wants you to lose no matter what you do you won't ever get the right numbers, you can see how your opponent gets an unfair advantage, 6s every turn if they go in front you won't ever get them and if you're in front of them even by many squares you can bet they'll get the exact number.
    2024-06-05 13:53:22
  • avatar
    this game is really suck!. we are not going to level up. The algorithm was design in such way to keep us playing in tranee level. really unfair. ive been playing for weeks on the same level. uninstall it again
    2024-06-05 11:26:20
  • avatar
    ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. like I'm just not able to do anything after opening it as it just stucks and reload all my phone and close the game app. And it just started now. Was working absolutely great from 3 4 weeks but now I've tried reinstalling and clearing cache. But not worthy. Uninstalling it and giving this review
    2024-06-05 10:33:29
  • avatar
    I'm playing ludo star since there was no ad introduced. I took a break and re installed this game after a long time and all my dice collection is gone! My gold is gone! Although my progess was saved through my fb id. I have invested my time on this game I want my collection and gold back! What is this behavior that's very bad ! I need recovery asap!!!
    2024-06-05 06:13:56