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Welcome to Devices Tycoon, the ultimate business simulator that puts you in the CEO seat of your very own technology company. This one-of-a-kind app allows you to create and market your own line of devices, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and smartwatches. With over 10,000 customizable functions, the possibilities are endless. Hire a team of talented designers, programmers, and engineers from around the globe to bring your vision to life. As your devices hit the shelves, customer reviews and sales will determine your success. Expand your empire by opening offices, holding presentations, and even acquiring other companies. Download Devices Tycoon now and let your entrepreneurial journey begin!

Features of Devices Tycoon:

❤️ Business Simulator: Devices Tycoon is a unique business simulator that allows you to experience the thrill of being a company owner and creating your own devices.

❤️ Create a Variety of Devices: With this app, you can create your own smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart watches, headphones, operating systems, and even your own processors.

❤️ Customize Your Devices: The app provides a detailed and realistic device editor, where you can customize various aspects of your devices such as size, color, screen, processor, graphics card, speakers, packaging, and much more. There are over 10,000 different functions to choose from, giving you endless possibilities.

❤️ Hire the Best Employees: In the game, you have the opportunity to hire the best employees from around the world, including designers, programmers, and engineers, to help you create and improve your devices.

❤️ Expand Your Company: As your devices start appearing on store shelves, you will receive customer reviews that will impact your sales. By upgrading offices for your employees and holding presentations, you can attract more customers and expand your company.

❤️ Interactive Gameplay: The app offers additional features such as studying marketing, viewing ratings of other companies, opening your own stores worldwide, and even negotiating and buying other companies. These features provide a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.


Devices Tycoon is an exciting app that allows you to create and manage your own device company. With its extensive customization options, hiring employees, and interactive gameplay, the app offers a thrilling simulation experience. Whether you want to test your business skills or unleash your creativity, Devices Tycoon is the perfect game for you. Download now and embark on your journey to become a successful device tycoon!


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    The game is enjoyable. I will list the bug that i observe First is the cpu bug i think before, i can install my self manufactured cpu in phone or laptop without any charges but when I manufactured new cpu (business license) and try to create a phone again with my own cpu, the manufacturing cost increase. Which was before it did not, making the cpu in private did not help. Second is income bug, when i purchase a lot of stores in diff country wth income of 200k it become 1B. Please fix the issue
    2024-06-05 20:39:23
  • avatar
    Good game but... bugs Watch buttons switch to random places when you do other edits to the watch device. When I set them again, I switch to release and find my finished devices' buttons are all whacked out again. plz look into watch buttons vs watch strap edits and why the buttons flail to random spots on the watch at the end, i guess its button frame size vs added strap affect on frame size that screws up button positions. Device release does it too.
    2024-06-05 18:43:04
  • avatar
    It's an absolute banger but some things should be changed. I have a list of complaints & solutions for the developers to implement in another update. They are as follows: 1)The Game often closes suddenly idk why? 2)The Software in tablets don't use mobile softwares if you have made your own. 3)In Tablets, Battery should be increased,To fix this make the maximum amount 15000 mAh. 4)The time in this game is absurdly fast but the production time is not. To fix this, increase the production time too
    2024-06-05 04:42:00
  • avatar
    I started playing this game and it was great but over time I realized you can't actually make money. No matter what u always seem to be at a loss. You will keep losing money until eventually u have to start a new game or buy in game money. Which I think is this devs trick or scheme. But... When I went back the next day to continue playing MY SAVE WAS GONE!!!!! don't expect this game to be consistent. It is a pay to play. Also the "vip" stuff is ridiculously expensive.
    2024-06-05 03:50:40
  • avatar
    Nice one but I would like to share a few features for the game there is no option to start a new game and access the previous company so it would be great if we can acess the old and new companies while forming alies with our own. Also please add a VR or examining the products produced. It may take a lot of time but it can be profitable and please let us decide the price or amount of devices needed by text instead of percentage. Hoping an action from your side.
    2024-06-04 18:09:46
  • avatar
    Okay, Great game but I do have a idea. Can you make it so you can play as a real company? Another thing, I had a really good save and I decided to make a new company. When I started, I wasn't able to return to my previous game that I had worked on for a month. Please make it so you can make it so that you can select multiple saves of multiple games. Also, I have 3 device suggestions. VR headset, Speaker and Console.
    2024-06-04 16:35:19