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Hell and Back

2.3.0 for Android


Embark on a heart-pounding adventure in Hell and Back, the ultimate turn-based role playing game set in the depths of Mars Base. As a humble security guard thrust into a nightmarish situation, it's up to you to vanquish the evil unleashed by a deranged scientist. Prepare yourself for a blend of scripted and procedurally generated levels, ensuring a unique experience each time you play. Engage in exhilarating quests, acquire powerful gear, and assemble a team of fearless mercenaries to aid you in your quest. Upgrade your weapons and armor, level up your character, and confront increasingly formidable foes. Only the strongest can dare to face the forces of hell. Download Hell and Back now and prove your mettle!

Features of Hell and Back:

❤️ Unique Setting: The app takes you on a thrilling adventure where you play as a security guard tasked with closing a portal to hell on Mars Base.

❤️ Roguelike Gameplay: Hell and Back is a turn-based role-playing game that follows the popular roguelike genre. Each playthrough is different, thanks to a mix of prebuilt and computer-generated content.

❤️ Quests and Gear: Accept quests to gain experience and powerful gear that will aid you on your journey. Explore the depths of hell and discover hidden treasures along the way.

❤️ Recruit Mercenaries: Build your team by recruiting powerful mercenaries to assist you in your mission. Harness their unique skills and abilities to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

❤️ Weapon and Armor Upgrades: Use power cells to upgrade your weapons and armor, making yourself more formidable against your demonic adversaries. Strategically choose upgrades to tailor your playstyle.

❤️ Character Progression: Level up your character, assign stat points, and become stronger as you progress in the game. Face increasingly powerful and diverse enemies that will test your skills to the maximum.


With its roguelike gameplay, quests, gear, recruitments, upgrades, and character progression, this app has everything you would expect from a classic RPG. Are you ready to save humanity from the forces of hell? Click to download Hell and Back today and prove your worth!


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    Absolutely amazing got a nice old school dungeon dweller vibe. Love the fact that i can save before i die in a bed like a quicksave. I enjoy this.
    2024-06-05 11:50:11
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    2024-06-03 17:02:30
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    Looks cool just like gone rouge or whatever the name is.
    2024-06-03 14:58:38