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Dragon Siege is a thrilling and strategic MMO game that transports you to the mythical kingdom of Dragonia, where darkness looms and the fate of the continent hangs in the balance. As the Lord of the Castle, you hold the power to lead your army and protect your lands from the malevolent creatures threatening to engulf the kingdom. With your strategic prowess, you must wisely manage your resources and devise ingenious war strategies to conquer the fantastical realms within the game. From breeding powerful dragons to constructing crucial buildings, every decision will shape the outcome of the battle. Unleash your inner leader and prove your management skills in the epic world of Dragon Siege.

Features of Dragon Siege:

* Exciting Strategy-Focused Gameplay: The game is a captivating MMO video game that challenges players to save the kingdom of Dragonia from evil creatures of darkness. It offers a strategic gameplay experience that will keep you engaged and on your toes.

* Become the Lord of the Castle: Take on the role of the Lord of the Castle and lead your army to victory. Manage your lands and resources to the best of your ability, making crucial decisions that will determine the fate of your kingdom.

* Control Kingdom's Resources: In Dragon Siege, you have the power to control your kingdom's resources. Pay close attention to the resources within your walls, such as the dragon egg found in the Dragon Sanctuary. Breed and raise dragons to join your army and strengthen your forces.

* Construct Buildings and Recruit Soldiers: Build various structures within your kingdom to recruit soldiers and strengthen your army. These soldiers will play a vital role in your battles against the dark creatures. You can also earn rewards by visiting the tavern.

* Choose Your Main Hero: When it's time to go into battle or explore conquered terrains, select a main hero to lead your group of soldiers. Additionally, your hatched dragon can accompany you onto the battlefield, providing extra firepower to make victory challenging for the enemy.

* Prove Your Management Skills: The game is not just about combat, but also about proving your management skills. Show that you have what it takes to make wise decisions and choose the best combat strategies to effectively conquer the lands of the fantasy world.


Dragon Siege offers an exciting and immersive gameplay experience, where players become the Lord of the Castle and lead their army to save the kingdom. With its strategic gameplay, control over resources, building construction, and recruitment of soldiers, this app provides a highly engaging adventure. Choose your main hero, hatch and breed dragons, and prove your management skills by making wise decisions and combat strategies. Download now to embark on an epic journey to defeat the evil creatures and bring peace to Dragonia!


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