MultiCraft APK


2.0.8 for Android


Welcome to MultiCraft, the ultimate world of endless possibilities! Prepare yourself for thrilling adventures as you embark on a journey of building and destruction. Collect resources, create tools, blocks, and weapons to survive and construct incredible buildings. Take your pick between being a creative builder or a fierce hunter fighting to stay alive. But beware, this world is not only inhabited by peaceful animals but also terrifying monsters! Defeat them to gain valuable resources. Explore vast lands and seas, with unlimited exploration opportunities. Stay vigilant, keep your hunger in check, and forage for food while fending off hostile creatures. Build a sturdy shelter to protect yourself from hordes of zombies, skeletons, and gigantic spiders. Fly through the skies or become lightning fast with special modes. With MultiCraft, your imagination sets the limits! It's a game that is easy to learn and can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, completely free! Team up with friends on multiplayer servers for even more fun. Join us in this thrilling adventure today!

Features of MultiCraft:

* Build and destroy blocks to create unique buildings and structures.

* Collect resources to craft tools, blocks, and weapons for survival.

* Choose between two game modes: Creative mode for building and Survival mode for intense battles.

* Encounter both peaceful animals and dangerous monsters, with the chance to win valuable resources by defeating them.

* Explore unlimited lands and seas to discover new resources and territories.

* Manage hunger by searching for food, growing plants, and hunting animals for meat.


Step into the MultiCraft world and experience endless adventures! Whether you're a creative builder or a nimble survivor, this app offers countless opportunities to craft, explore, and battle. With a variety of game modes, challenges, and a constantly expanding list of user servers, you can easily spend hours immersed in this captivating game. Download now and embark on an exciting journey with friends or on your own. MultiCraft is free, easy to learn, and perfect for anyone seeking limitless fun and entertainment.


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    I love This game too much its my favorite game in the WHOLE WORLD I LIKE IT VERY MUCH but there is only 1 problem and that is there are so many adds and we also need netherworld just like the real one uninstall it by mistake but when I download it all my builds are destroyed and they are soooooo OP
    2024-06-07 11:11:40
  • avatar
    So nice game but graphics should be improved a middle class game they have to remove the premium because I want to use world edit and hot air balloon and everything is going good i liked the game
    2024-06-06 18:35:22
  • avatar
    Love this game honestly! But I can't type to my friends beacause of "Please do not flood!" I am not flooding the chat i am sending messages. If that wasn't there then it would be a 5star :D pls fix it if u can
    2024-06-06 15:21:28
  • avatar
    I love the game it is like Minecraft but it has more cool things and it is free everyone should install this game instead of Minecraft and if you are a builder and cannot find places to build you can choose superflat mode
    2024-06-05 14:42:27
  • avatar
    Great except I want shaders on Android come on!!! And let's not forget smarter villagers they need to learn to take over houses built for them but also to wander 3 dimensionally please and thank you
    2024-06-05 13:39:56
  • avatar
    This game is good by its graphics and multi-player options but I don't like one thing that more than 30% things are by primeum I don't like primeum but I purchased it at 2months ago but if I delete the game then primeum was not showing that I buy the primeum plz plz plz block this primeum and specialy Worldedit mode
    2024-06-05 06:19:37