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Disney Sorcerer's Arena

27.2 for Android


Step into the magical realm of Disney Sorcerer's Arena, the ultimate Turn-Based RPG with Real-Time PvP. Prepare to embark on an epic adventure where your every decision shapes your destiny. With a vast selection of beloved Disney and Pixar characters at your disposal, assemble a formidable team and prove your worth in thrilling PvP battles. Exercise strategic gameplay and unleash the unique abilities of each character, bringing your carefully crafted strategies to life. Join forces with fellow players in Club Conquests for epic team battles and daily events. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Disney Sorcerer's Arena, where legends collide and heroes are made.

Features of Disney Sorcerer's Arena:

> Real-Time PvP Battles: Engage in thrilling battles against other players in real-time, putting your skills to the test and proving your worth as a sorcerer.

> Strategic Gameplay: Take control of every move by strategically planning your actions, making wise choices, and outsmarting your opponents to claim victory.

> Legendary Disney and Pixar Characters: Build your dream team by collecting and assembling a roster of iconic Disney and Pixar legends, each with their own unique abilities and strengths.

> Authentic Character Abilities: Unleash the full potential of your beloved characters by utilizing their authentic abilities, bringing your favorite Disney and Pixar heroes to life on the battlefield.

> Club Conquests and Daily Events: Join forces with other players in epic team battles and daily events for a chance to rise up the ranks and earn exclusive rewards.

> Free to Play: Download and play the game for free, with the option to purchase extra items if desired. The game also includes advertisements to enhance the free gaming experience.


Disney Sorcerer's Arena offers an immersive and competitive experience for fans of Disney and Pixar. With its real-time PvP battles, strategic gameplay, and a vast collection of legendary characters, this app guarantees endless fun and excitement. Join forces with friends in Club Conquests, unleash the unique abilities of your favorite heroes, and rise to the top in this free-to-play RPG. Click now to embark on an unforgettable adventure in the ultimate Disney battleground!


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    It's a cool game if you love Disney and fighting. But there's too much to process, too many things to earn( I mean pay hahaha) and I don't know if I'm the dumb one but it's not clear how you actually advance in the game, how you properly gain tokens and stuff. Some voice acting and a storyline to follow would really upgrade the game. It's just random fighting, in random areas. Other than that it's fun and the graphics are really amazing. ( note that Im a Disney addict and in self isolation)
    2024-06-07 17:49:17
  • avatar
    Simply put everything about this game is great. Fun character easy to use controls great graphics. My biggest gripe is that if you seemingly switch from ios to android for example you lose all progress and any money that you put into the game is basically lost. Bit of a con when your only option is of you want to keep playing is starting fresh and spending all of your money for nothing. Needs to be looked at in future. Could have easily made an account system to avoid this.
    2024-06-07 07:32:56
  • avatar
    I like the game, but it needs some work. The club system sucks, I got annoyed and created my own. Be prepared for lots of popups & a lot of in-app purchase ads every time you do something. The graphics are good, most of the quests/battles are okay. A lot of things need to be improved. May not keep the game, right now there isn't a lot to keep my attention, & several annoyances.
    2024-06-06 07:42:08
  • avatar
    the base of the game is fine and playing with the disney characters is a lot of fun. problems: it is a pay-to-win, and it has many editing errors, gradients, the texts are poorly written in the characters, many bugs, the interface has execution errors ... there are characters that have text errors that would be solved if they did not everything fast and wrong. the truth that is a pity ... in addition to a huge imbalance between characters. you analyze the top 50. Always the some characters.
    2024-06-05 07:57:55
  • avatar
    This game is amazing... Until it crashes, I'm playing on a s20 plus and all it does is crash, when you try watch free videos, crash, try get into the game, crash... Maybe it's a development issue with the new update, please help and fix the game... It's really awesome and would love to build my characters as I'm a big disney fan and would spend money... But not when all it does is crash
    2024-06-04 21:25:55
  • avatar
    Fun, but overly complex and difficult to level up without spending money. I realize inn-app purchases is partly how they make profit, but I spent my alloted budget for apps and still got nowhere. There are too many currencies to keep track of and the stats for characters coupled with "gear tiers" are quite confusing. I like getting to battle as Disney characters, but the over-complexity of the game is a major turn off. Uninstalling.
    2024-06-04 20:01:53