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Stickman Teleport Master 3D

0.0.27 for Android


If you're looking for an addictive action-packed ninja game that will put your skills to the test, then look no further than Stickman Teleport Master. This game allows you to jump on walls, throw kunai, and use teleportation to defeat enemies with just one punch. As you progress through this thrilling game, you'll prove your ninja credentials by taking out bad guys before they even suspect something's wrong. With hundreds of deadly weapons at your disposal, including traditional ninja gear and futuristic lightsabers, you can adapt your arsenal to each mission. Take on challenging ninja assassination missions and employ skill, speed, and stealth to defeat dangerous gangsters, samurais, and outlaws. With addictive gameplay, challenging levels, and original combat mechanics, Stickman Teleport Master is the ultimate game for all ninja enthusiasts. Are you ready to test your ninja skills? Download and play Stickman Teleport Master now and become the envy of all shinobi!

Features of Stickman Teleport Master 3D:

❤️ Stealth and teleportation gameplay: Players can use their ninja skills to sneak up on enemies and teleport close to them to launch a surprise attack with just one punch.

❤️ Variety of weapons: The game offers a wide range of deadly weapons to choose from, including traditional ninja weapons like a katana and sword, as well as unique options like a superhero hammer and futuristic lightsabers.

❤️ Challenging missions: Players can take on contracts to defeat dangerous gangsters, bandits, samurai, and other outlaws in increasingly difficult ninja assassination missions.

❤️ Addictive action gameplay: The game provides an immersive and addictive action experience that will keep players engaged and entertained.

❤️ Engaging characters: Players can interact with their favorite ninja characters and prove their skills as a true ninja assassin.

❤️ Original combat mechanics: The game offers unique combat mechanics that require players to use skill, speed, and stealth to defeat enemies and take out the boss.


Experience the thrill of being a ninja assassin in Stickman Teleport Master. Unleash your ninja skills as you jump on walls, throw kunai, and teleport to defeat enemies with just one punch. With a variety of deadly weapons, challenging missions, and addictive action gameplay, this game will keep you hooked. Download Stickman Teleport Master now and become the envy of other shinobi assassins with your lightning-fast skills. Let your kunai and sword play!


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    I found this game by chance in an ad from another game. Banner at the top clearly stated that this game contained no ads. Encountered my first ad after the first board. I understand companies need to make money, but companies need to quit lying about their offerings. The game could be a fun time waster, but the deception right up front turned me off.
    2024-06-09 00:06:21
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    Killer thriller enjoy the fun with me and download today pls rate this a 10outa10 the best game if your board so ofcours you should definitely play today tomaro or any day of the week maybe you can get them to update that would make it even more fun and like I said it's a good game maybe
    2024-06-08 17:06:25
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    So yes, there are a trillion ads. But there's also airplane mode which makes it better. The gameplay is super fun and isn't laggy or buggy whatsoever. It would be a lot worse without airplane mode, but I will never know.
    2024-06-07 20:46:12
  • avatar
    This game is soo entertaining I can play it all day 10|10
    2024-06-07 03:56:13
  • avatar
    It's fun tearing through dudes for a bit but it gets real repetitive and the amount of weapons you can buy with gold is paltry. Plus forced ads prettyuch every level and having to watch ads to get any skins or the non basic weapons.
    2024-06-06 23:24:59
  • avatar
    Come Morty in and out. Twenty minutes adventure! This game is that... If you switch off your internet while playing ads won't bother you. The game itself is too easy and after the 60th level it starts repeatig itself (starting with the first one) you can earn bad looking skins by watching ads, but they are useless if you won't play more thant twenty minutes. At least you can play the game they show in their ads.
    2024-06-05 13:00:37