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Nova: Space Armada

1.2.40 for Android


Join the epic space battle in Nova: Space Armada and conquer the galaxy with your powerful space station and unstoppable space armada. As you navigate through the Renney Sector, you must establish an intergalactic alliance with trusted allies to bring stability and order to the chaotic aftermath of the "Supernova Event". Explore the sector, uncover mysteries, and make crucial decisions that will shape the future of the Renney Sector. Will you choose diplomacy or war to achieve your strategic goals? The fate of the sector lies in your hands. Embark on an interstellar journey like no other.

Features of Nova: Space Armada:

❤️ Imposing Republican Space Station: Build and customize your own space station, your haven and base in the dark and dangerous void.

❤️ Unstoppable Space Armada: Choose from various warship blueprints and design your unique fleets to engage in epic space battles.

❤️ Establish Your Intergalactic Alliance: In the chaotic aftermath of the "Supernova Event," build a powerful alliance with trusted individuals to shape the future of the Renney Sector.

❤️ Endless Stars Endless Stories: Explore the sector with your fleets and uncover intriguing stories and an impressive intergalactic epic.

❤️ Goliath Galaxy and "Supernova Event": Takeover the Dyson Sphere in Goliath Galaxy and unravel the truth behind the cataclysmic "Supernova Event."

❤️ Strategic Diplomacy or Expansion: Decide the fate of the Renney Sector. Will you use diplomacy or bloodshed to achieve your strategic goals?


Nova: Space Armada offers a thrilling space adventure where you can build and customize your space station, lead powerful fleets in epic battles, form alliances, uncover captivating stories, and shape the future of a sector in turmoil. Embark on an interstellar journey like no other and download Nova: Space Armada now.


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  • avatar
    I fully enjoy this game, would give it a five but you're kind of stuck with frigate destroyer for a while.
    2024-06-08 19:37:09
  • avatar
    Generic city build/defense in space, then add to that it being a bit bland and not localized well...
    2024-06-08 19:19:16
  • avatar
    fun game, easy to get. the shop is crazy expensive though.
    2024-06-08 07:35:01
  • avatar
    super dense, complicated game. quite fun, but also very grindy. not for the flash in the pan easily bored player.
    2024-06-08 02:53:07
  • avatar
    Description says "single player" but it is online PvE and PvP, graphics are good but if you want a actual single player game this is not it. I'll change my rating when the description is updated.
    2024-06-06 18:19:23
  • avatar
    Rip off 100%. And it was a great game. When GameBear released it as Nova Empire, 10 years ago. [7 let's be fair] I still play it. Not this, though. Not this.
    2024-06-06 00:24:38