Among Impostors - Battle Royal APK

Among Impostors - Battle Royal

1.0.4 for Android


In the midst of a spaceship filled with impostors, you find yourself as a runaway impostor trying to survive. Welcome to "Among Impostors - Battle Royal GAME," where the thrill of defeating others among us awaits you. These impostors infiltrate from all corners of space, challenging you to outsmart and outplay them. This game is tailored specifically for hardcore Among Us lovers who crave an adrenaline rush. Your mission is to steal food from other impostors and emerge victorious. Upgrade your impostor, collect daily bonuses, unlock achievements, and customize your character with stylish skins from the shop. With its intuitive interface, smooth graphics, and exciting gameplay, this is the ultimate Among Us-themed experience. Get ready to navigate through the chaos and prove that you can survive the invasion of impostors.

Features of Among Impostors - Battle Royal:

- Unique Gameplay: Play as a runaway impostor in a spaceship and steal food from other impostors to survive.

- Intense Battle Royale: Compete against other players among us and prove your skills.

- Wide Variety of Impostors: Encounter impostors from all over space on your invaded spaceship.

- Impostor Army Upgrades: Upgrade your impostor to create the strongest impostor army in the whole universe.

- Daily Bonuses and Achievements: Earn rewards and unlock achievements to enhance your gaming experience.

- Shop for Skins and Coins: Customize your impostor with unique skins and coins available in the in-game shop.


Among Impostors - Battle Royal GAME offers an exciting and unique gaming experience for hardcore Among Us lovers. With its intense battle royale gameplay, wide variety of impostors, and the opportunity to create the strongest impostor army, this game will keep you engaged and entertained. Earn daily bonuses, unlock achievements, and customize your impostor with skins and coins from the shop. Download now and prove your skills in this thrilling Among Us themed game. Click here to download and start your impostor journey!


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