Rainbow Friend 100 Doors APK

Rainbow Friend 100 Doors

1.08 for Android


Rainbow Friend 100 Doors is an exciting strategy game that immerses you in a fantastical world of color monsters and epic battles. As you explore, your goal is to collect all 100 doors and become a master strategist. Merge and earn gems to make your monsters stronger, creating the most formidable army imaginable. Unlock new creatures, draw and grow them with your finger, and match units to upgrade them into higher forms. With its addictive gameplay, amazing graphics, and dumb & funny ways to die, Rainbow Friend 100 Doors is sure to keep you entertained and blow your stress away. Get ready to rumble and conquer the rainbow!

Features of Rainbow Friend 100 Doors:

> Collect and battle color monsters: Explore a world of 100-door color monsters and collect them all! Engage in exciting battles and become a strategist and collector.

> Merge monsters to make them stronger: Merge monsters to earn more gems and make them bigger and more powerful. Strengthen your army of monsters and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

> Quick synthesis of rainbow monsters: Synthesize your rainbow monsters into a giant quickly. The higher the level of the monsters, the stronger their attack and defense. Master this important skill to progress in the game.

> Strategy and tactics: Place rainbow monsters with different attributes strategically to easily win battles. React quickly and think on your feet to outmaneuver your opponents and move to the next level.

> Easy gameplay and addictive: The game offers easy and addictive gameplay suitable for everyone. Control your army with just one finger and enjoy the thrill of combining monsters and upgrading them.

> Unlock new and powerful creatures: Conquer challenges and use the right combination to unlock new and more powerful creatures. Upgrade your monsters and choose your strategy wisely to win battles.


Rainbow Friend 100 Doors is a free strategy game that offers an exciting and addictive gameplay experience. Collect, merge, and battle color monsters to build the strongest army. Master the skill of quick synthesis and use strategy and tactics to win battles. With amazing graphics and a great collection of monsters, this game will keep you entertained and help you blow off some steam. Are you ready to rumble? Join Rainbow Friend 100 Doors now!


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