Drum Hero (rock music game, ti APK

Drum Hero (rock music game, ti

2.5.1 for Android


Experience the ultimate drumming journey with this incredible app, Drum Hero . Whether you're a seasoned drummer or a beginner, this game guarantees a free and entertaining experience like no other. Unleash your inner drum hero by tapping the correct pads, following the rhythm of the music. With various music genres to choose from, ranging from blues to rock and even heavy metal, there's something for everyone. Challenge your friends and compete against drummers from around the world in daily, weekly, and all-time rankings. Choose your difficulty level from easy to pro and hone your skills in the training mode. Immerse yourself in the music with realistic HQ sampled stereo sounds and HD drum images. Get ready to rock the virtual drums and achieve all the milestones offered by this extraordinary app.

Features of Drum Hero (rock music game, ti:

❤️ Wide Range of Music Genres: This App offers a diverse selection of music genres, ranging from blues to rock and even the hardest Heavy Metal. No matter what your musical taste is, there is something for everyone.

❤️ Competitive Challenges: You can challenge your friends and compete with players from all around the world. With daily, weekly, and all-time rankings for both single levels and career mode, you can test your skills and see how you fare against others.

❤️ Multiple Difficulty Modes: This App caters to players of different skill levels with three difficulty modes - easy, normal, and pro. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there is a mode that suits your abilities.

❤️ Training Mode: To help you improve and learn the tracks, this App provides a training mode. In this mode, you can slow down the tracks and practice in your own rehearsal garage, allowing you to master the rhythm and beats at your own pace.

❤️ Achievements: The App offers various achievements that you can unlock as you progress. Aim to collect all achievements and showcase your drumming prowess.

❤️ Realistic Drum Sounds and HD Images: With high-quality sampled stereo sounds, including a range of drum components such as bass, toms, snare, hi-hat, splash, crash, and cymbal, this App provides a realistic drumming experience. The HD drum images further enhance the visual appeal of the game.


Drum Hero App is a must-have for drumming enthusiasts and music lovers alike. With its wide range of music genres, competitive challenges, multiple difficulty modes, training mode, achievements, and realistic drum sounds, it offers a free and fun drumming experience like no other. Download now and become the ultimate drum hero.


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