RPG Elemental Knights R (MMO) APK

RPG Elemental Knights R (MMO)

4.9.8 for Android


Embark on an epic adventure through mystical realms and unravel the secrets behind the chaos in RPG Elemental Knights R. With over three million installations, this anime-style MMORPG offers an immersive and borderless gaming experience. Choose from a variety of job-classes like monk, thief, bishop, and wizard, and equip yourself with thousands of items and cosplay gear. Complete over 100 quests and interact with hundreds of NPCs as you team up with friends in party creation. Engage in free chat, emoticons, and gestures, and explore diverse landscapes including haunted castles, forests, and snow hedgehogs. Join the battle and save our world from peril!

Features of RPG Elemental Knights R (MMO):

- Anime-Style MMORPG: Immerse yourself in a visually stunning world with an anime-inspired art style.

- Wide Range of Job-Classes: Choose from a variety of job-classes including monk, thief, bishop, wizard, magiknight, and more.

- Extensive Customization Options: Explore thousands of items and create unique combinations to customize your character. Don't forget about the fun cosplay gear like Graham Cracker Wings!

- Rich Storyline and Quests: Dive into a grand adventure filled with over 100 quests and interact with hundreds of NPCs.

- Multiplayer Mode: Create parties with up to four people and embark on your journey together.

- Engaging Events: Enjoy special events hosted twice a month and try your luck with the gacha system.


Choose from a wide range of job-classes, customize your character with thousands of items, and take part in a rich storyline filled with quests and intriguing NPCs. Join your friends in multiplayer mode, chat freely, and experience special events. Download RPG Elemental Knights R now and unravel the mystery behind the recent chaos threatening our world. Get ready to save the day!


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    Last reviewed this in 2016, back to update. If you’re looking for a 3D MMO for your potato, look no further than this. This game survived multiple devices and is still going strong; I started EKO on a 2nd gen iPad in 2011 & am now playing on Note 3 w/LineageOS 18.1 on my original account (due to this game having an actual user/pass system). How many other apps are this resilient? Definitely give this a try. A lot of content still isn’t translated but I accept that for this level of reliability.
    2024-06-09 04:45:29
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    I've been playing this for 3-4 years and I sometimes delete and install the game because of some data issues but.... I love it! So do you mind if I give a suggestion. I have recommended my best friend about this game and told him how cool it is. He installed it... but a couple of days has passed when he stopped playing it. He said leveling up takes a long time. Will you speed it up? Just a little bit. So that my best friend can level up faster. That's all. Thank you.
    2024-06-08 21:24:09
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    The game is pretty good,but the translations are pretty horrendous
    2024-06-08 13:23:51
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    This game is very special to me as I met most of my gaming friends here. However, the game did not improve very much and the controls are getting harder to use. The translation from Japanese and English needs improvement as well as the game needs new quests, maps & story plots. I hope this game will improve much better in the future and hope more players will experience this app.
    2024-06-07 09:44:52
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    The sole good feature of this game is that cosplay art is unique. Other than that, there are ample cons for this game: 1. Despite being a 15-year anniversary game, the dev certainly is stingy. There is not much to encourage the player to stay or any gift. 2. Ridiculous rate of gatcha, by any means it's a rich man game (and I mean filthy rich) 3. Lousy control, inaudible language translation and low quality images. Due to word constrain this is by far the 3 major cons I can describe.
    2024-06-06 22:31:09
  • avatar
    Lovely game, old school 3d mmorpg with no actual auto run/questing. Some npc speak Japanese making it difficult for some, but who cares. Amongst other games in the genre, although 15 yrs old stands out against those p2w games. Be warned, this game ain't easy. Lots of grinding to become powerful.
    2024-06-05 20:46:43