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Coin Battle

0.12.3 for Android


Welcome to the captivating world of Coin Battle, where traditional RPG elements meet innovative gameplay. Embark on a journey through uncharted territories to become the ultimate Coin Battle champion. In this free-to-play game, spin the Wheel of Fortune using your stamina to earn valuable rewards like coins, mystical armor, and precious gems. With effortless idle gameplay, explore lush farmlands, bustling cities, and treacherous terrains with one hand. Assemble a squad of fearless warriors, sharpshooters, and ninjas, customizing their strengths to your playstyle. Face fantastical creatures and redefine your gaming experience with Coin Battle today.

Features of Coin Battle:

❤️ Wheel of Fortune: The game features a unique wheel of fortune where players can spin for various rewards, including coins, armor, diamonds, and crystals. It adds an exciting element of chance to the game.

❤️ Idle Adventure: With its effortless idle gameplay, it allows players to embark on a grand adventure with just one hand. From farmlands to cities, players can explore diverse landscapes and encounter thrilling challenges.

❤️ Personalized Squad: The game offers a wide range of characters, including warriors, archers, and ninjas, which players can assemble to create their dream team. The power to customize and tailor strategies to your playstyle is in your hands.

❤️ Aesthetics of Battle: In Coin Battle, your armor is more than just protection. It reflects your character and power. Players can handpick their gear to enhance their abilities and create a stylish look, adding a touch of strategy to battles.

❤️ Monstrous Surprises: The game is filled with bizarre and awe-inspiring creatures, from chainsaw-wielding maniacs to ancient elephant corpses. These encounters provide thrilling challenges and keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

❤️ All-encompassing Experience: Coin Battle is more than just a game. It offers a complete experience with spinning for riches, exploring diverse landscapes, assembling your dream team, flaunting aesthetic armor, and battling zany monsters. It has something for everyone to enjoy.


Coin Battle immerses players in a unique RPG experience with its combination of traditional elements and innovative features. From the excitement of spinning a wheel of fortune to the thrill of battling bizarre creatures, this game offers endless possibilities and customization. Step into the world of Coin Battle and redefine your gaming experience today. Click to download now!


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