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Welcome to Single City, the ultimate strategy and life simulation game where you can become a metaverse FAME sensation! In this exciting game, you'll have the chance to flirt, flex, and flaunt your way through encounters in a big city sim. Collaborate with your social network to cause drama for your rivals and compete for followers. The more friends and followers you have, the more clout you'll gain, and the closer you'll be to linking up with the love of your life! Choose your avatar, explore trendy city locations, build your dream house, and unlock new roommates. Meet real friends, form relationships, and enjoy unlimited romance stories. Start playing Single City today and be prepared for an addictive and thrilling experience!

Features of Single City:

- Customizable Avatar: Choose an avatar that matches your unique style and persona.

- City Exploration: Explore trendy city locations and give your house a makeover with hilarious characters and storylines.

- Real Estate: Find the perfect prime location for your house, then move and build it before your competitors.

- Influencer Fame: Gain influence and followers to become a leaderboard-famous Hype House Leader.

- Room Design Makeover: Help stylish Guardians and sexy Roomies through new Stories feature to earn trendy house furniture.

- Real-time Social Interaction: Meet real friends in live chat, form relationships, and stir up drama while sipping influencer tea.


Single City GAME is a unique strategy and life simulation game that offers a variety of features to make your gaming experience exciting and engaging. Customize your avatar, explore the city, build your dream house, and gain fame as an influencer. Help your virtual friends, design your rooms, and form relationships in real-time. The game provides endless possibilities for fun and entertainment. Download now to start your journey in Single City!


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  • avatar
    I think the game needs to be updated like so much when I'm tapping it won't work so the producers please fix the stuff also it's always jamming
    2024-06-08 14:23:10
  • avatar
    I'm loving it. the only issue I have is with the live stream game. u don't get that long really to achieve the score you have to get. if you could please make the time longer, that would really help me out. thank u
    2024-06-08 10:00:57
  • avatar
    Roomies and house upgrades don't feel different enough and the benefits of upgrading furniture aren't clear. You don't spend much time actually interacting with other players and you can't create your own avatar. It's also hard to progress once you reach a certain level without paying for more in game currency, which there are easily half a dozen kinds, maybe more. The best part is the chat, where most of the people are funny and helpful and pleasant to talk to.
    2024-06-07 04:30:19
  • avatar
    it is a good game, but live streaming took a few tries to work out
    2024-06-06 11:47:43
  • avatar
    I love this idea but maybe adding some rewards like free dias
    2024-06-06 11:17:53
  • avatar
    The game got stuck in less than a minute of playing
    2024-06-06 11:16:59