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4.9 for Android

Description is not your typical action game. It's a multiplayer extravaganza that is taking the mobile gaming world by storm. Step into a hilarious world where you battle it out with real people from around the globe. The game may feature characters that look a little silly, but don't underestimate them. You'll have to pick up these absurd guys and make them fall out, all while trying to protect yourself from getting knocked out. It's a crazy, addictive adventure that will keep you entertained for hours. So gear up, get ready, and let the battle begin! With its absurd and interesting physics, softbody character system, and fast multiplayer matches, is the ultimate time killer game that allows you to compete with real players, not bots. All this, combined with its light and amusing background music, guarantees a wonderful game time that you won't be able to resist. Can you become the world's ultimate champion?

Features of Party Games:

❤️ Absurd and interesting physics: The app features unique and enjoyable physics that add an element of unpredictability to the gameplay, making it more engaging and fun.

❤️ Softbody character system: The game uses a softbody character system, allowing for realistic and comical movements that enhance the overall experience and make the characters more enjoyable to interact with.

❤️ Top 1 time killer game: This app is highly addictive and entertaining, making it the ultimate choice for killing time and having a great time while doing so.

❤️ Fast match in multiplayer: The app offers a seamless and quick matchmaking experience, allowing players to jump into multiplayer battles instantly and without any hassle.

❤️ Compete with real guys not bots: Unlike other games, this app offers the opportunity to compete with real players around the world, adding a competitive edge and making each match more exciting and challenging.

❤️ Light and amusing background music: The app features a delightful and entertaining background music that adds to the overall atmosphere and enhances the gaming experience.

Conclusion: is an incredibly fun and addictive multiplayer action game that offers unique physics, a softbody character system, and fast matchmaking. It allows players to compete with real players worldwide while providing a lighthearted and enjoyable background music. Download now to experience the ultimate time killer and become the world champion!


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    I downloaded it because i thought it to be more like gangbeasts but its graphics and controls really sucks, i suggest u not to download it, if u don't wanna waste data.
    2024-06-09 12:13:05
  • avatar
    It's a pretty cool game, but it could use some fixes. The controls aren't that good, gameplay is hard for me and a LITTLE bit boring. If you're looking for a game to play I actually don't recommend this...
    2024-06-09 11:10:42
  • avatar
    the game is great but some reason why do you allow hackers?!?!?!?!?!?! this is so BAD! I always lose when a hacker is in the game please take that over or not allow HACKERS in THE GAME! but then at the same time the hacker are noobs so that is why they hackers but you still have to! but I can play this all day till a HACKER shows up! he/her always hack me so I am dead the second the game starts! please fix that!Also the game says won't work if still don't work try comment ways to fix the problem!
    2024-06-09 07:38:32
  • avatar
    I love the game, but I think that you should have the option to play online without bots and only real players. Either that or make the game a little more difficult.
    2024-06-08 13:30:13
  • avatar
    This game is really fun and i gave it 4stars cause its fun and im getting adicted to this even if i just started playing this lol but when i kill all of them and there is only one left they are really hard to kill or push them at the edge so yeah thats why i gave it again 4 stars pls fix this one so i could give this 5 stars and this game is like human fall flat but this is a battle game lol
    2024-06-08 04:17:05
  • avatar
    Well its a good game and everything pretty fun but the controles are so hard to play with and i hate how when you lose u have to go to main menu and the coins are hard to get please fix this game othrewise this game is fun
    2024-06-08 04:09:32