Battle Playground Monsters APK

Battle Playground Monsters

3.2.2 for Android


Immerse yourself in an epic battle between people and fruits in this exciting 3D playground game - Battle Playground Monsters. Choose your side and unleash your creativity as you interact freely with a variety of characters, weapons, bombs, and vehicles. With stunning 3D graphics and unique mutations, this app offers a dynamic and visually appealing experience. Join the war and discover the thrilling combination of Minecraft and Roblox in this action-packed playground adventure. Click now to download and embark on an unforgettable gaming journey!

Features of Battle Playground Monsters:

❤️ Variety of Characters: The app features a wide range of characters including humans, ragdolls, melons, fruits, and monsters. Each character brings a unique element to the battle and adds excitement to the gameplay.

❤️ Interactive Gameplay: Players can freely interact with the characters and the environment. They have the ability to use weapons, bombs, vehicles, and even natural elements such as fire, thunder, and force. The app offers a dynamic and engaging experience for users.

❤️ 3D Graphics: The app offers a visually stunning 3D playground where the battle takes place. The realistic graphics enhance the immersive experience and make the gameplay more enjoyable.

❤️ Unique Mutations: The playground features various mutations, including humans, ragdolls, melons, fruits, and monsters. This allows for a diverse and unpredictable gameplay, keeping users engaged and interested in discovering new combinations and abilities.

❤️ War between People and Fruits: The app introduces an interesting concept where people and fruits are at war with each other. Users can choose their side and fight against different types of fruits like Malone, orange, Pumpkin, Corn, Apple, etc. This adds a fun and playful twist to the gameplay.

❤️ Inspired by Popular Games: The Battle Playground Monsters app combines elements from popular games like Minecraft and Roblox, giving users a familiar yet unique experience. It offers a sandbox-style environment where users can freely explore, interact, and engage in thrilling battles.


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