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Vikings: War of Clans for Android


Step into the world of Vikings and lead your civilization to glory in Vikings: War of Clans, an immersive MMO that combines the best elements of building and strategy games. In this epic battle for supremacy, you will need to level up, equip your hero, and build a formidable army to defend against invaders. Engage in PvP battles, form alliances with other players, and develop your town to challenge the powerful jarls of the North. With its stunning graphics and addictive gameplay, Vikings: War of Clans offers an engrossing experience that will keep you coming back for more. Embrace your destiny and download the game for free now!

Features of Vikings: War of Clans:

* Nordic Kingdom Building: Erect powerful buildings like barracks, manors, and shrines to grow your civilization and battle for glory among the Vikings.

* Mighty Army: Train loyal warriors, balance your forces, and spy on enemies to defeat them in the arena of combat.

* PvP and PvE Battles: Hone your tactics in both player vs. player and player vs. environment fights, and make your mark on the medieval Nordic lands.

* Close-Knit Alliances: Form alliances with millions of players worldwide, plan tactics with other jarls, and fight together in epic clan wars.

* Develop Your Own Strategy: Consider unit strengths, lay traps, and outsmart your enemies to determine the outcome of each encounter.

* Learn the Art of War: Manage resources, scout enemies, initiate attacks, and engage in diplomacy to lead your kingdom to victory.


Vikings: War of Clans is a thrilling MMO strategy game that combines the excitement of building and strategy games. Lead your Nordic civilization, raise a mighty army, engage in intense battles, form alliances, develop your own strategic tactics, and learn the art of war. Download the game now for an engrossing and challenging experience in a medieval Nordic world. Don't miss out on the opportunity to become the victor in this epic adventure.


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    I would like to play, but ultimately I had to uninstall because it was useless to try to play. 90% of the time there's a connection error. I've done everything Support has asked me to do to no avail. They claimed that their servers are currently up and running smoothly even though at that time the servers were under maintenance. I don't have much confidence in Support being able to fix the problem because in my opinion, it's a bug. Not my connection. Multiple different connections at that!
    2024-06-09 03:36:05
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    A bit time consuming, but a nice game, upgrades are easy, and help is there when you need it, without a bunch of annoying commercials. Time is a factor you can buy with gold earned, or you can wait, when training it's better to wait. Lots of facets and upgrades, just explore your abilities and aspects of the game. You'll figure it out.
    2024-06-08 03:48:01
  • avatar
    I cant open the app. I get a connection lost message. Its been doing this for about a week. Nothing changes, same message everytime. Edit for reply. Im using a new phone. The app was downloaded roughly 48 before it started doing this. Im about to delete it. I am connected to very strong wifi. This is not happening because of something on my end
    2024-06-07 21:44:38
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    The game was just okay. The best part was the theme. The worst part was how long it took to upgrade. It got old and repetitive quickly. If you've played game of war, GOT, final fantasy mobile; they are all the same. Pick your favorite theme and it's the same game. This one was more generous with boosts to speed up the upgrade but if the upgrades weren't so long in the first place that wouldn't be necessary.
    2024-06-07 20:29:10
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    Been playing for 3 years and have loved it. Recently the game has become unplayable, trying to perform any action freezes the game for different amounts of time resulting in missed opportunities that require quick action plus if you activate any boosts they are wasted and lost to no fault of the player. Customer service denies any problems with the game and will not compensate lost items used which were paid for (stealing/ taking money but not providing a usable environment to use them).
    2024-06-07 18:42:37
  • avatar
    This game looks awesome but never had a chance to play it. It won't connect to a server and load the game. Just shows a picture of a viking and tries to load than give a connection error. I've uninstalled and reinstalled twice. I have a Note9 connected to wi-fi(250mbs package)with no weak signal and still can't play. Update: After reading reviews on trouble shooting it make me nervous. I regret downloading. Why would you need to tweak you're antivirus settings and make your phone vulnerable.
    2024-06-07 09:11:58