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Power Rangers Legacy Wars

3.4.2 for Android


Power Rangers Legacy Wars is an action-packed fighting game that takes you into the thrilling world of the Power Rangers. The game revolves around the evil Rita Repulsa, who has infected the Morphing Grid, creating virtual monsters and Ranger clones to do her bidding. Your mission is to curate your own team of Power Rangers and villains to fight back against Rita and unlock new Rangers along the way. With stunning 3D graphics and animations, you'll experience your favorite Power Rangers like never before. Engage in real-time PvP battles against players worldwide, test your skills, and climb the leaderboard. Join the Megazord Alliance Wars and lead your alliance to victory. With over 80 iconic warriors to collect and customize, including both new and classic Rangers, the possibilities are endless. Battle with massive Megazords, unleash devastating attacks, and become the ultimate Power Ranger. Are you ready to save the Morphing Grid?

Features of Power Rangers Legacy Wars:

❤️ Stunning Console Quality Graphics: Immerse yourself in the Power Rangers universe with breathtaking 3D visuals and animations. See your favorite Rangers and their iconic moves like never before.

❤️ Megazord Alliance Wars: Join forces with other players in epic battles to lead your alliance to glory. Unleash the power of Megazords and fight against rival alliances to become the ultimate champion.

❤️ Collect New and Iconic Power Rangers: Unlock a wide range of warriors, including both the latest movie Rangers and classic favorites from the Power Rangers multiverse. Build your ultimate team and take on Rita Repulsa.

❤️ Curated Team of Power Rangers and Villains: Create your own dream team by selecting legendary Power Rangers and villains from different dimensions. Upgrade your warriors, unlock new Rangers, and forge the strongest team to save the Morphing Grid.

❤️ Real-time PvP Battle: Test your skills against players from around the world in intense, real-time multiplayer battles. Strategize, dodge, and unleash powerful attacks to climb up the global leaderboard and earn rewards.

❤️ Megazords: Unleash the power of gigantic Megazords in epic battles. Choose from a variety of Megazords, including the Dino Megazord and Thunder Megazord, and equip them with devastating mega abilities to crush your opponents.


Step into the Power Rangers universe like never before with Power Rangers Legacy Wars. Experience stunning graphics, collect an array of iconic Rangers, and battle against players worldwide. Join forces in Megazord Alliance Wars, create your ultimate team, and rise up the PvP leaderboard. Unleash the power of Megazords and dominate the battlefield. Are you ready to save the Morphing Grid? Download now and become a legendary Power Ranger!


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    It is a mixed bag. The concept is good and it could have been a 5 stared game from my end but will give it 2 for the following: 1) gameplay needs to change. What is the use of defense card if a move can miss if the opponent moves. 2) feels like there are a lot of cheaters in the game. The energy keeps on filling without any break and can keep attacking us non stop. Also the opponent can spam the required defense in middle of an attack, but we are unable to do. Please rectify it.
    2024-06-10 10:38:31
  • avatar
    Quite honestly, there needs to be a better control system put in place. Or at least more play-testing done with the current controls. This rock, paper, scissors nonsense is an inconvenience at best and infuriating at worst. The graphics and design are great, but the gameplay is ludicrous. Honestly, the rock, paper, scissors would make more sense if it were only for special moves, but there are no "basic moves." No standard punches or kicks. And nothing that can be used between cooldowns. Fighting games should have strategy, but they should also be fastpaced. Frankly, I find this game dreadful. I keep trying to play more in the hopes that it gets better as time goes on, but it's almost as if there's a wall preventing me from enjoying much. It's a good thing the app is free because there's not much to the game besides PVP and Megazord fights. And the Megazord fights are nowhere near as good as the main gameplay. Let that sink in.
    2024-06-09 21:57:37
  • avatar
    Coming back to this game after a while and realized it was a bad game then, and is still horrible now. The matchmaking is atrocious, I keep getting in matches with players who have characters that are only unlockable in higher tiers and I'm still stuck in Tier 3 ever since the game was first out. Constantly losing back to back while barely getting any wins is annoying. Game doesn't even require skill unlike other mobile fighting games and relies on luck with its rock, paper, scissors gimmick.
    2024-06-09 08:22:41
  • avatar
    The developers have lost touch with the mobile game since the console version was released. I stopped playing for half a year and came back with high hope for new characters and balanced updates. One new character was dropped after 6 months and it's still the same meta characters being used. This is a good game if the developers actually cared about it.
    2024-06-08 18:00:28
  • avatar
    The game has a cool character roster but the game lacks any skill, it's too easy to lose to people who spam the block ability and not hit them once. For some reason you lose your ability energy if you don't hit them first which doesn't make any sense and I've lost loads of matches from the other player spamming 5 abilities in a row despite the limited energy you can use. The game has a lot of potential. It just needs to fix the combat system to solve most of it's problems
    2024-06-08 09:10:05
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    I am updating my review. I have played this game from the beginning. I stuck with it out of nostalgia reasons. They have improved on some aspects. But what has irritated me is that I have not received one character from the year 2021. With these characters unevenly matched with ridiculous powers that they never had just made me lose interest. For example Goldar was the best character. You cannot even beat a club turkey sandwhich with Goldar these days.
    2024-06-07 15:23:06