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Step into the eerie world of Hidden Town and uncover the truth behind a 20-year-old murder in the thrilling Ghost Case game. Detective Ren Larsen receives chilling messages from the afterlife, urging him to solve the unresolved case. With a sense of foreboding, Ren decides to reopen the investigation and bring justice to the restless souls. Explore different parts of the city, interview suspects, and collect clues to unravel the mystery. Immerse yourself in an interactive and suspenseful story, with stunning artwork and haunting music that will transport you into a thrilling thriller. Make crucial decisions that will determine the outcome of the game and be on the lookout for hidden owls scattered throughout. Can you crack the case and find the murderer?

Features of Ghost Case:

- Intriguing and suspenseful interactive story: Dive into a thrilling mystery and develop your detective skills to solve the case.

- Detailed map: Explore various locations in the city, such as the murder house, the asylum, the cemetery, the police station, the magic shop, and more. Each place is filled with puzzles and brain teasers.

- Grim and detailed art: Immerse yourself in the dark atmosphere of the game with its haunting visuals that will make you feel like you're in a thriller.

- Great selection of music: The carefully chosen music adds suspense and enhances the overall experience of the game.

- Multiple endings: Your decisions and actions throughout the game will determine the outcome. Discover two different endings based on the choices you make at the right time.

- Alternate achievement: Find all 9 hidden owls scattered throughout the game. Keep an eye out for them in unexpected places and challenge yourself to uncover them all.


Become a detective and unravel the mysteries of Hidden Town in "Ghost Case." With its thrilling interactive story, detailed map, intriguing puzzles, and alternate achievements, this app offers an immersive and suspenseful gaming experience. Immerse yourself in the enigmatic stories of Dark Dome's escape games and reveal the secrets of Hidden Town. Download "Ghost Case" now and start exploring the haunting world of the unknown.


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