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Silver Sword Samurai Legacy

6.0 for Android


Silver Sword Samurai Legacy offers an immersive journey into feudal Japan, delivering action-packed hack and slash gameplay. Players assume the role of a skilled samurai seeking redemption and revenge after being wrongly accused. Mastery of the sword is crucial as players face various enemies with unique fighting styles. The game's intuitive controls and deep combat system demand strategic execution of combos and special moves. With stealthy assassination options and challenging bosses, players must adapt and hone their skills. Set in stunning feudal Japan, this game promises an engaging storyline and captivating gameplay experience, delving into the rich history and culture of ancient Japan.

Features of Silver Sword Samurai Legacy:

* Deep Combat System: Experience an intuitive control scheme and a deep combat system that allows you to execute a variety of combos and special moves. Master the art of the sword to overcome enemies in fast-paced, combo-based combat.

* Variety of Enemies: Face a wide range of enemies, from rival samurai to skilled assassins, each with their own unique fighting styles and weapons. Adapt your combat strategies to overcome each new challenge.

* Stealthy Assassin Techniques: In addition to traditional combat, utilize a range of stealthy assassin techniques to take down enemies silently and without alerting others. Use your wits and cunning to outsmart your foes.

* Challenging Boss Battles: Progress through the game and face increasingly difficult challenges and powerful bosses, each with their own unique moves and weaknesses. Study your opponents and develop effective strategies to emerge victorious.

* Stunning Feudal Japan Setting: Immerse yourself in feudal Japan with beautifully rendered environments and detailed character designs that bring the world to life. Experience the rich history and culture of the time period.

* Engaging Storyline: Follow the gripping storyline of the samurai's quest for redemption and revenge as he seeks to clear his name and restore his honor. Uncover the truth behind the conspiracy that has framed him and be drawn into the samurai's journey.


Silver Sword Samurai Legacy offers players an action-packed and immersive experience in feudal Japan. With its deep combat system, variety of enemies, and stealthy assassin techniques, the game provides a challenging and thrilling gameplay. The stunning setting and engaging storyline add to the overall immersive experience. Join the samurai on his quest for redemption and honor by downloading Silver Sword Samurai Legacy now.


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