Sand Excavator Truck driving Rescue simulator 3D APK

Sand Excavator Truck driving Rescue simulator 3D

6.0.7 for Android


Sand Excavator Truck driving Rescue simulator 3D is not just your typical driving game. It is an adventurous and exciting experience where you play the role of a hero behind the wheel of an emergency truck. Your mission? To travel to disaster-stricken areas and help clear debris to rescue those in need. Divided into episodes and missions, each level presents a unique challenge that tests your driving skills. From navigating dangerous roads to using heavy machinery like cranes and excavators, this game will keep you on your toes. So buckle up, embrace the thrill, and show off your skills as you save lives in this ultimate rescue simulator.

Features of Sand Excavator Truck driving Rescue simulator 3D:

- Emergency truck driving: Take control of an emergency truck and help in rescue operations during natural disasters.

- Clear debris: Travel to areas affected by natural disasters and clear debris to aid in the recovery process.

- Exciting missions: Engage in episodes and missions where you must overcome obstacles to advance and complete the rescue missions.

- Realistic driving controls: Utilize intuitive steering controls on the left side of the screen and acceleration/brake controls on the right to maneuver your truck accurately.

- Various challenges: Encounter different challenges such as picking up trailers, driving on dangerous roads, and parking with precision.

- Heavy machinery operations: Use cranes and excavators to move materials onto your truck, enhancing your rescue efforts and showcasing your skills with heavy machinery.


Sand Excavator Truck driving Rescue simulator 3D offers an immersive and exciting driving experience as you engage in rescue operations during natural disasters. With realistic controls, diverse missions, and the opportunity to operate heavy machinery, this app is sure to captivate users and provide an enjoyable gaming experience. Click now to download and start your rescue missions today!


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