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Catch Up is a thrilling arcade game that will test your reflexes and agility as you navigate through a maze of obstacles. Your mission is simple: stay alive for as long as possible by rolling your ball from one side of the screen to the other. The controls are incredibly intuitive, requiring just a quick swipe to move your ball and avoid all the challenges that lie ahead. Along the way, you can collect green diamonds to unlock a wide variety of unique balls to play with. With its stunning visuals and heart-pumping soundtrack, Catch Up is the perfect game for those moments when you need a quick burst of excitement and entertainment.

Features of Catch Up:

❤️ Challenging gameplay: Catch Up is an arcade game that tests your skills by challenging you to navigate through a multitude of obstacles and see how far you can go.

❤️ Easy controls: The game features intuitive controls that make it simple and enjoyable to play. You just need to slide your finger across the screen to move the ball and avoid obstacles.

❤️ Unlockable characters: You can collect green diamonds during your adventure and use them to unlock a wide variety of additional balls to play with. This adds a fun element of exploration and customization to the game.

❤️ Day and night mode: Choose between playing in day or night mode, depending on your preference. This adds a visually appealing aspect to the game and allows for a different experience each time you play.

❤️ Stunning visuals: Catch Up offers elegant visuals that are a trademark of Ketchapp games. The graphics are aesthetically pleasing and enhance the overall gaming experience.

❤️ Engaging soundtrack: The game features a frantic soundtrack that complements the fast-paced gameplay, adding excitement and energy to the game.


Catch Up is a captivating arcade game with challenging gameplay and easy-to-use controls. With its unlockable characters, day and night mode options, stunning visuals, and engaging soundtrack, it offers a fun and immersive gaming experience. Perfect for those moments when you want to have some quick and enjoyable entertainment. Click now to download and start your exciting adventure!


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