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Papa Louie Pals game

2.0.2 for Android


Welcome to Papa Louie Pals game - a game that unleashes your creativity and imagination! In this unique and exciting app, you have the power to create your very own characters and bring them to life in Louis's father's world. With a wide range of customization options such as body, skin color, hair, and clothing choices, you can design unique friends like never before. But it doesn't stop there! You can also create vibrant scenes and tell captivating stories by combining backgrounds, props, and text bubbles. Unlock more content as you join Louis Dad and his customers, allowing you to enhance your gaming experience and expand your creative space. Get ready to dive into the world of Louis Dad's Friends and showcase your storytelling skills like never before!

Features of Papa Louie Pals game:

❤️ Wide range of customization options: With a variety of choices for body, skin color, hair, and clothing, you can create unique friends in the game.

❤️ Interactive scene construction: Combine backgrounds, props, and text bubbles to create vivid scenes and tell your own story.

❤️ Rich extension content: Unlock more backgrounds, props, and costumes as you join Louis Dad and his customers, enhancing your gaming experience.

❤️ Create a character: Use sliders and color options to personalize the appearance and clothing of your character, making them a personalized friend.

❤️ Build a scene: Select backgrounds and props, arrange characters' positions and postures, add text bubbles and subtitles, and create a unique story scene.

❤️ Explore extended content: Unlock Louis Dad and his customers, use new backgrounds and props, and expand your creative space.


Papa Louie Pals game offers a wide range of customization options and rich extension content. Its interactive scene construction and storytelling features allow you to unleash your imagination and create your own unique story. With comprehensive customization features, interactive gameplay, and a diverse selection of props and backgrounds, this app provides hours of playability and creative freedom. Click here to download and start creating your own character and stories in "Louis Dad's Friends"!


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  • avatar
    It's fine but I wish it had more features that are common in other character creators. There's no reason why there isn't an option to make characters with green skin or horns.
    2024-06-12 00:16:10
  • avatar
    This app here is such fun! But sometimes when like your spending 20 mins on the game already it gets really really boring trust me. It's one of those apps where u can only play it for like 5 mins and then stop coz ur bored. anyways the game itself is awesome for 10 minutes but for a long period of tim it will be boring.
    2024-06-11 14:04:48
  • avatar
    A really fun and unique experience for those out there who want to make their own characters and story. This gets the job done, and it's free. There are a few things here and there that could add more but I digress.
    2024-06-11 11:28:24
  • avatar
    It is a decent game to make stories and such, but there isn't really *that* much customization. Only a dozen of clothes, backgrounds etc. I would like more content to be added so it doesn't get boring.
    2024-06-11 10:55:38
  • avatar
    Hello flipline studios, i have some ideas for the game. my ideas are: a extra slot for jackets accessories, And even hats, extra haircuts. Load a image for a background, and new hat, a hoodie. New pants plaid pants, and extra eyebrows for pal, that's all.
    2024-06-11 03:11:01
  • avatar
    I really love this game. I love papa's games.but the reason i gave it four stars is becos it could be awesome if we can add things in the scenes.say for example we can add a laptop infront of the character or something like that.but we can only add things in character's hand
    2024-06-10 02:23:01