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v1.0 for Android


Discover your fascinating past and exciting future with "Bói Toán"! This entertaining app takes you on a captivating journey of self-discovery through thought-provoking multiple choice questions. Uncover your occupation in your past life or envision your potential in your next life through the app's analysis. Perfect for unwinding after a long day of work or study, this app allows you to share your results on social media and challenge your friends to see who they were or will be. Start exploring the mysteries of your past and future today! Don't forget to leave your valuable feedback and reviews to help us enhance our app even more.

Features of Bói Toán:

> Multiple choice questions: The app allows users to answer interesting multiple choice questions related to their past and future lives.

> Fortune prediction: Through analysis of the answers, the app predicts the user's occupation in their past and next life, providing a fun and entertaining fortune-telling experience.

> Entertainment after work or study: The app helps users relax and entertain themselves after long hours of stressful work or study.

> Social sharing: After knowing their results, users can share their past and next life predictions on social networks, allowing them to engage with friends and compare their results.

> Test your friends: Users can also send the test to their friends, allowing them to find out who they were in the past and have fun comparing the results together.

> User feedback: The app encourages users to leave comments and reviews, providing motivation for the developers to continuously improve the app and make it even better.


"Bói Toán" is an entertaining and relaxing app that predicts users' past and future occupations based on their answers to multiple choice questions. With the ability to share results on social networks and test friends, it provides a fun way to engage with others. The app values user feedback and aims to continuously improve its features. Click to download the app now and discover who you were in your past life!


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