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Oshikake Girl

1.01 for Android


Experience a day in the life of a former student who unexpectedly enters your room with the help of this dynamic app, Oshikake Girl. With Live2D animation, every scene comes to life right before your eyes. And yes, even in the sizzling moments, you have the power to control your character's arms and legs, creating any desired pose. The app also offers a unique vertical writing style for engaging conversations and dialogues. If you have a webcam, prepare for next-level interaction as face tracking allows you to perform various operations. Additionally, the pseudo-VR environment and viewpoint control enhance the immersive experience. Get ready to move closer, kiss, and see the girl's captivating gaze while your body movements dictate the exhilarating piston movements.

Features of Oshikake Girl:

- Live2D animation for all scenes: This app brings the characters to life with interactive and dynamic animations, making your experience more engaging and immersive.

- Drag and pose for s3x scenes: In intimate moments, you have full control over the characters' movements by dragging their arms and legs into any desired pose, allowing for endless possibilities.

- Vertical writing style conversations and dialogues: The app adopts a unique and visually appealing vertical writing style for all conversations and dialogues, enhancing the authenticity and cultural immersion.

- Face tracking with webcam: If you have a webcam, the app offers the option to use face tracking technology. This feature allows you to perform various operations just by moving your face, adding another level of interactivity and personalization.

- Pseudo-VR environment with webcam: When using a webcam, you can enjoy a pseudo-virtual reality (VR) environment. This feature provides an enhanced and immersive experience, making you feel like you are right there in the room.

- Interactive actions: Take control and engage with the characters by shaking your head to select Yes or No, move closer for a kiss, or observe how the girl looks at you. These interactive actions make the app more interactive and captivating.


Oshikake Girl app offers a unique and exciting experience for users. With Live2D animation, drag and pose capability, vertical writing style, webcam face tracking, pseudo-VR environment, and interactive actions, you will be fully immersed in the story and feel a deeper connection with the characters. Download now to embark on a thrilling journey!


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