Junior Sex Friend Simulator With Boyfriend APK

Junior Sex Friend Simulator With Boyfriend

0.1 for Android


Welcome to Junior Sex Friend Simulator With Boyfriend, the ultimate interactive game experience where you can dive into a steamy story with Konatsu, your junior sex friend. In this thrilling app, you get to choose your lines and communicate with Konatsu, as the mood and dialogue change with each decision you make. Your mission is to keep Konatsu in a good mood as you navigate this tantalizing storyline. With stunning 3D models and over 300 different voice options, this immersive game brings Konatsu's world to life. Get ready to indulge in a forbidden love affair and have a seriously fun time playing the game!

Features of Junior Sex Friend Simulator With Boyfriend:

> Interactive gameplay: The app allows you to actively engage with the character, Konatsu, by selecting different dialogue options.

> Mood and dialogue changes: Depending on the choices you make, Konatsu's mood and lines will vary, enhancing the immersive experience.

> High-quality 3D models: The app offers visually stunning 3D models that enhance the overall gameplay experience, making it more captivating.

> Diverse voice options: With more than 300 types of voices, the app provides a wide range of options that change based on your selection pattern, adding depth to the interactions.

> Realistic storyline: The app tells the story of a part-time relationship with Konatsu, your junior in college, taking place in a nightclub setting, which adds an intriguing element to the gameplay.

> Secrets and affairs: Despite Konatsu having a boyfriend, the app explores the clandestine affair that unfolds between you two during your shifts at the nightclub, creating a thrilling narrative.


Junior Sex Friend Simulator With Boyfriend offers an engaging and visually appealing gaming experience that allows players to immerse themselves in a unique storyline. With its interactive gameplay, dialogue variations, high-quality 3D models, diverse voice options, realistic narrative, and secrets to uncover, this app promises an exciting and captivating journey. Download now and uncover the secrets of Subculture Girl Konatsu!


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