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Players' Street Companion

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In this gripping and provocative app, Players' Street Companion, join Yurika Hasumi, an idol voice actress, in her quest to save her step-father's talent agency. Desperate to secure a government loan, she is unexpectedly assigned to the scandalous and notorious "Player's Street." At first glance, this area is presented as a glamorous hub where women from the entertainment industry tend to the needs of world-class athletes. However, Yurika soon discovers the dark secret lurking beneath its sparkling façade - a lawless den of debauchery. Determined to help her step-father and rescue the agency from crippling debts, Yurika must navigate this sinful underworld and do whatever it takes to succeed.

Features of Players' Street Companion:

- Idol Voice Actress: The app introduces Yurika Hasumi, who is an idol voice actress. Users can explore the glamorous and exciting world of entertainment through her eyes.

- World's Largest Sporting Event: Yurika volunteers for the world's largest sporting event, creating a sense of adventure and thrill for users. They can experience the atmosphere and excitement of a global event.

- Struggling Talent Agency: Yurika's motive is to help her step-father's struggling talent agency. Users can join her in this mission and witness the challenges and triumphs of managing a talent agency in a competitive industry.

- Player's Street: Yurika gets assigned to Player's Street, a significant location within the event. Users can uncover the secrets and scandals hidden behind the public image, adding an element of mystery and intrigue.

- Lawless Den of Debauchery: The app offers an unconventional twist by revealing the dark side of Player's Street. Users will dive into a world of forbidden desires, making choices as Yurika to navigate the unpredictable challenges she faces.

- Lewd Land of Lust and Licentiousness: Yurika goes all out to secure a special loan for her step-father's agency. Users will witness her journey through this provocative land, where passion and ambition collide.


Players' Street Companion app immerses users in the thrilling life of Yurika Hasumi, an idol voice actress, as she navigates the world's largest sporting event and uncovers the hidden secrets of Player's Street. Brace yourself for an exciting adventure into the lawless depths of lust and ambition. Download now to join Yurika on her quest to save her step-father's struggling talent agency.


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